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How do I create an HTML page in Resources or File Drop?

You can create an HTML page in Resources using the Rich-Text Editor.

Go to Resources.

Select the Resources tool from the Tool Menu of your site.

Select Actions, then Create HTML Page.

  1. To the right of the Resources folder where you would like to place the HTML page, select the Actions menu.
  2. Select Create HTML Page.

Note: On mobile devices or small screens, the Actions menu displays as a down arrow icon.

Enter page content.

  1. On the Create HTML Page page, enter (or paste) content into the Rich-Text Editor.
  2. Select Continue.

Tip: Use the Rich Text Editor tools to format the text and add images, links or other content to the document.

Note: After entering text or other content into the editor in UVACollab, we recommend using the Accessibility Checker to confirm that the content is fully accessible to all site participants. See How do I check my content for accessibility? for more information on the Accessibility Checker and instructions for checking content.

Enter page information.

  1. Enter a File Name for the HTML page in the box provided.
  2. If desired, add other details (e.g., a Description, Copyright Status, Availability and Access information).  For more information about optional file details, see:

Note: The File Name box will be prefilled with new_page.html.  You should enter a meaningful name to make the document accessible.

Notify site participants of the new HTML page. (Optional)

You can choose to send an automatic email notification to site participants with a link to the file you have created.

By default, No notification is sent.  Select High - All participants to send an email to everyone in your UVACollab site who can access the file.  Select Low - Not received by those who have opted out to send an email only to those who have chosen to receive Resources notifications in their preferences.

Note: If the file is created in a folder that is only available to a specific group, only members of that group will receive the email notification.

Select Finish.

View HTML page in Resources.

The HTML page is placed in the selected folder.

Open HTML page.

If you click on the name of the HTML page, it will open in a new tab or window, depending on your internet browser preferences.