What is the Lessons tool?

The Lessons tool allows instructors to organize resources, media, and activities that are housed in other tools in the course site or elsewhere on the web. By creating direct links to these items on one or more lessons pages, instructors can simplify the navigation of their courses for their students, and also exercise more control over when and how students access course content.  

Unlike most other tools, multiple instances of the Lessons tool may be added to a single course site, meaning that instructors may organize all of their items on a single lessons page or create separate pages for individual units, topics, or course meetings.

Note: For instructions on how to add this or any other tool to your site, see How do I add tools to my site?

Accessing the Lessons tool

Accessing the Lessons tool

To access the Lessons tool, select the Lessons link in the tools menu.  

Instructors using multiple instances of the tool in a single course site may wish to rename the instances to avoid confusion. Also, the tool may appear with another name if site templates are used to create course sites. In the Activities Grid template, the tool is named the Activities tool; in the SCPS template, the tool is named the Class Activities tool; and in the Activities Menu template, multiple instances of the tool are automatically added, each named for a week in the course. All of these names may be changed according to instructor preferences.  

The default page of each instance of the tool contains text provides more information on the tool and its use.