How do I duplicate a site?

Duplicating a site makes a copy of the content of your current site into a new site.  The new site will then need to be updated to publish some content, especially content with availability dates, and add class rosters and/or other participants as needed.


  • When duplicating course sites, be aware that you'll need to add your class roster(s) to the newly created site.
  • Much of the copied content, for example items in Assignments and Forums, will be added to the new site in Draft or unpublished form.  You'll need to edit unpublished items to make them available to your students in the new site.
  • Confluence and WordPress sites are *not* automatically duplicated when course sites that have these tools are duplicated.  However, it is possible to manually export the content of your WordPress site from your previous course site and import it into your new site.  Step-by-step instructions for this process are available in the How do I export/import WordPress content from one UVACollab site to another?   If your imported WordPress site contained images or links to other items in its original UVACollab site, the links will need to be manually updated to link to content in your new UVACollab site.

Video Guide

Step-By-Step Instructions

Site selected in My Sites

Go to the site you'd like to copy either by clicking its title in the favorites bar at the top of the screen OR by selecting My Sites in the favorites bar, then selecting the site to copy.

Go to Site Settings.

Select Site Settings from the Tool Menu in your site.

Select the Duplicate Site tab.

Enter information for your new site.

Whether you are duplicating a course site or a collaboration site, you will need to enter a Site Title for the new site. If you are duplicating a course site, you will also select an academic term for the new site.

Enter information to duplicate a course site.

Site title and term entered

If you've chosen to duplicate a course site:

  1. Enter a Site Title for the new site.
  2. Select the Academic Term to associate with the new course, e.g. 2017 Summer.

Enter information to duplicate a collaboration site.

Site title entered

If you've chosen to duplicate a collaboration site, enter a Site Title for the new site.

Select Duplicate.

After duplicating the site, the new site will be added to your list of sites.  You will be automatically enrolled in the new site as the site owner.  No one else will be added to the site automatically so you will need to add class roster(s) or other site participants.

Note: It may take some time to process the creation of your new site, if the site you are copying had a lot of content.

By default, new sites are added to your favorites bar. If your new site was added to your favorites, you may select its tab to access it.  If it is not displaying at the top of your screen, select My Sites to locate and access the new site.

For course sites only: Add your class roster.

Site showing no roster added

Duplicate sites are created without class rosters.  Follow the steps in How do I add a class roster? to add the class roster(s) to your new site.

For course OR collaboration sites: Manually add participants.

Site Settings - Add participants link

Follow the steps in How do I manually add people to my site? to add participants to your site.

Edit and publish items in the new site.

Screenshot of Draft assignments

Many items will be added to duplicated sites in Draft or unpublished form.

Pictured above are some Draft assignments in a new copy of a site.  You'll need to edit release dates on these items and Save, Publish, or Post them to make them available to participants in your new site.  Depending on the tools and activities in your site, some needed updates may include the following:

  • Edit draft announcements and post each announcement in the Announcements tool.
  • Click on Forum Settings for each draft forum in the Forums tool to post the forum, thereby making the forums and topics available to students in the site.
  • Edit draft assignments, update delivery dates, and post each assignment draft in the Assignments tool. This will make the assignments available to students in the new site.
  • Change the available and due dates on assessments in the Tests & Quizzes tool and publish them.
  • Optionally, you may want to edit items in your site’s Gradebook tool to release them to students, as you deem appropriate.