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How can I set up a video quiz to send grades automatically to the Gradebook?

For a video quiz's grades to be sent automatically to the Gradebook, publish the video quiz in your site's Media Gallery and link to it in Lessons. Students will need to take the video quiz via the Lessons link for their grades to be recorded.

If Gradebook, Lessons, and Media Gallery are not already included in your UVACollab site, follow the steps in the article How do I add a tool to my site? to add them.

Follow the steps in How do I hide or show items in the Tool Menu? to make Media Gallery invisible to students. This will prevent them from accessing the video quiz outside of Lessons.

Go to Lessons.

Select the Title of the page (e.g., Lessons, Activities, Week: 1) from the Tool Menu in your site.  

Select the Add Content + button underneath the title of the page.

Select Add External Tool.

In the window that appears, select Add External Tool.

On the External Tool Selector page, select Media Gallery Link in Lessons.

A Configure External Tool window will pop up.  Select the Media Gallery tab in this window to display the media published in your site.

You will be returned to your page in Lessons with the video link displayed.  The link will include the title of the video quiz and the video's length in parentheses, e.g., Have You Heard? CDC vaccination video - Quiz (04:44).

Review and include grades in the course grade calculation.

The video quiz will appear in the Gradebook automatically once a student submits the quiz via the link in Lessons.

You will need to edit the gradebook item for the video quiz to include the grades in the students' course grade calculation. Depending on how your Gradebook is set up, you may need to select a category while editing the item for it to be included in the course grade.

After a student submits the quiz, go to Gradebook.

Select the Gradebook tool from the Tool Menu of your site.

View grades.

An item with the same name as your video quiz link will be displayed in the Gradebook.  Grades for students who submitted the quiz will be included in the item's column.

Note: Grades for video quizzes are always out of 100 points. The grade is calculated as a percentage, based on correct answers to Multiple Choice and True/False questions.  If an Open Question or Reflection Point is included in the quiz, students get full credit for answering the question.

Edit the gradebook item.

By default, the students' scores for the video quiz are not included in their course grade calculation. Follow the steps to edit the gradebook item to include the video quiz in the course grade calculation. If Categories only or Categories & weighting are enabled in your Gradebook settings, you will also need to select the appropriate category for the gradebook item while editing it.