How do I see and access my sites?

Video Guide

Step-by-Step Instructions

Your favorite sites appear as tabs across the top of the screen for easy access to sites you use the most. Click a site tab to access the site. You may return to Home at any time by clicking on the Home button on the far left of the site tabs.  

There is also a Logout button in the upper right-hand corner to exit the system.

Note: Inactive or Archived sites will not display in the site navigation. You can access inactive sites from Worksite Setup in your Home site.

Jump to site tools.

Click the down arrow next on a site tab to expand the Tool Menu for that site. Click a tool in the list to go directly to that tool.

Click the up arrow to collapse the Tool Menu.

My Sites

The site navigation bar will only display up to 10 of your sites.  To view all of your active sites, click on the My Sites button.

My Sites Display
  1. My Sites displays tabs to all of your active sites. My Sites are organized by type, either collaboration or course. Course sites are further grouped by academic term.
  2. Quickly search for a specific site by entering part or all of the site title in the Filter Sites field.
  3. Favorite/unfavorite all sites for given term by clicking the open star next to the term heading. Favorited sites appear with a gold star in front of the site title. Unfavorited sites appear with an open star in front of the site title.
  4. Favorite/unfavorite individual sites by clicking the star next to it.
  5. Access both active and inactive sites by clicking View All Sites to open Worksite Setup in your Home site.
  6. Click Create New Site to open the workflow to create a new collaboration or course site.
  7. Click Preferences to open and set preferences.

Note: Inactive sites will not display in the My Sites listing. You can access inactive sites from Worksite Setup in your Home site.

Favorite Sites

My Sites is where you can favorite sites by clicking on the open star in front of a site title. Favorite sites are designated with a gold star on the My Sites screen.

Up to 10 favorited sites will appear in the site navigation bar.

Organize Favorites
  1. Click and drag favorite site tabs by the menu icon to reorder them in your favorites site navigation bar.
  2. The option to automatically add new sites (created by you or others) to your favorites bar is ON by default. Click the ON switch to toggle this option OFF.