How do I delete a site I created?

Sites may be softly deleted by the person who created the site or by someone in a role that has site deletion permissions (e.g., Owner or Instructor).

Soft deletion means the site can be restored up to a year past the soft deletion date, after which it will be hard deleted and unrecoverable.

The decision to softly delete a site should be considered very carefully because deleting it will prevent access to and use of the site by others.

Important: If someone else created a site or it is still in use by others in the site (even if you created it), you should not delete it.  Instead, you should hide it from your active sites by following the steps to hide the site in What is the Preferences tool?

Go to Worksite Setup in your Home site.

Go to Worksite Setup.

Select the Worksite Setup tool from the Tools menu in Home site.

Search for the site to delete.

Search for the site to delete.
  1. In the Search field, enter the title of the site you want to remove.
  2. Click the Search button.

Select and delete the site.

Select and delete the site.
  1. Check the box in front of the site you want to remove.
  2. At the top of the screen, click Delete.

Confirm deletion.

Confirm deletion.

You will be prompted to confirm the action to remove the worksite permanently.  Click Mark for deletion to remove it.

More Help on softly deleted sites

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