What are course sites?

A course site is the official worksite for a given academic course with hooks to add official roster data from the Student Information System (SIS) in order to populate the site with enrolled students.

Course sites are created by instructors (i.e., course sites are not automatically created) each semester. Course rosters will automatically be presented to official instructors during the site creation workflow.

Course sites utilize a suite of tools selected by the instructor to give students access to course materials and afford students with opportunities for interaction with other participants and submit their work.

Several tools integrate with the Gradebook in course sites where individual grades are calculated to produce a final course grade for export to the SIS for associated official class rosters.

Default participant roles for course sites.

The default participant roles in a course site are:

  • Instructor: Instructors have full permissions throughout the site, including the ability to publish the site and set its global access. Instructors can read, revise, delete, and add both content and participants to a site. We recommend having only one individual in the Instructor role to avoid unintended site deletion by others in the Instructor role.
  • Secondary Instructor: Secondary Instructors have similar permissions as Instructors: they can read, revise, and add both content and participants to a site, but cannot delete the site.
  • Teaching Assistant: Teaching Assistants can read, add, and revise most content in their sections.
  • Student: Students can read content, and add content to a site where appropriate.
  • Former Student: Approximately 40 days after the end date of a course, anyone in the Student role in the course site is converted to Former Student whose access to Resources and other site content is disabled.
  • Waitlisted Student: Role assigned to students added via Waiting List rosters for temporary access to the course site through the Add/Drop period.