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Recent Updates

  • Manual Site Tools
  • If your assessment questions are added to a test or quiz individually, you can edit the point value of a question either from the assessment editing screen, or from the individual question's editing screen.

    If your assessment questions are randomly drawn from a question pool, you'll need to edit the Part of the assessment in which they appear to change the point value for each question in that part.

    Note - Editing of an assessment can only be done in the Working Copies version of an assessment or in the Published Copies version prior to anyone accessing the assessment.  

  • Manual Site Tools
  • You can preview an assessment either by using the Preview option in the Action menu, or by viewing the site as a student and submitting the assessment.

    Note: If you use the Preview option to preview an assessment, you will not be able to submit the assessment or see how feedback displays for your students.

  • Manual Site Tools
  • Instructors and Course Evaluations Administrators designated by their departments have access to results from Course Evaluations.  Instructors can access evaluation results approximately one week after the evaluation period ends for a course.  They will receive an email notifying them when the results are available.

    Instructors have access to their own evaluations ONLY; they cannot view evaluations for teaching assistants or other co-instructors.  Course Evaluations Administrators have access to ALL evaluations for courses in their department.

    If a course achieves an evaluation response rate of at least 65% AND the course was not taught by a graduate student, then the results of six of the seven Provost questions (student comments are omitted) are also made available to students via the Course Selection Guide in the Student Information System (SIS).

    IMPORTANT: Course evaluations are accessed through the My Workspace tab in UVaCollab, NOT the sites for individual classes.

    Note: If an instructor added questions to their own course evaluations, student responses to these questions are private to the instructor.  Course Evaluations Administrators do not have access to them.

  • This allows for questions from a particular Question Pool to be copied and added to a new or existing assessment.

    Note: Questions copied from a pool are presented in the order listed in the assessment. To deliver questions randomly from a pool, see How do I set up a random question set?

  • Updated on: Oct 16, 2018

    How do I import a question pool?

    A question pool is a set of questions of any type that belongs to the author and others with whom the author shares it.  See What is a Question Pool?

    You can import a question pool from a saved assessment, or from an IMS QTI-compliant XML (QTI v 1.2) file provided by a publisher or exported from another system.

    To be able to import questions directly into a question pool, an assessment must have been exported as QTI v 1.2, NOT Content Packaging.  Alternatively, you can import an assessment, and add the questions to a question pool from the assessment editing screen.

    Note: There is currently no way to export question pools, but the questions can be exported in the form of an assessment.

  • Manual For Students
  • When creating folders and uploading files to UVaCollab, folder and file names that contain special characters can affect site participants' ability to download or access the files correctly.

    Issues can also arise from uploading files with very long names in excess of 250 characters, or from saving files inside many stacked folders so that the resulting file location is greater than 250 characters.

    Note: Some online journals post articles with their entire bibliographic entries in the file names; these names may contain special characters and be very long.  If such a file is uploaded without editing its name, it can cause errors when uploading other files to the same folder.

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