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Recent Updates

  • You can download assessment responses for grading offline, including bulk downloading submissions to a File Upload question so you can easily access them from a single folder on your computer.

    For more information on entering assessment grades and comments, see the following articles:

  • Manual Site Tools
  • Updated on: Nov 26, 2018

    What is the Tests & Quizzes Event Log?

    The Event Log shows certain student activities for all Tests & Quizzes assessments in the site.  It is created and maintained automatically.  

    Events recorded include (for each participant): when the student started the assessment (date and time), when the assessment was submitted (date and time), and the duration of the assessment session in minutes (rounded up to the nearest minute).  If the log entry includes a submission, the Errors column will display how the assessment was submitted: by the student (User submit), by the expiration of a timer on a timed assessment (Timer submit), or by the Automatic Submission feature (Auto submit).


    • If there are no student submissions recorded for any assessment, the table will show No results found.  
    • It takes about a minute for a timer to automatically submit a timed assessment.  When a Timer submit is recorded in the Event Log, the Duration column will indicate that the assessment took 1 minute longer than the time allotted.
    • If an Auto submit is recorded, the Event Log's Date Submitted column will indicate when the automatic submission occurred.  However, in the Total Scores screen, the Submit Date column will indicate when the student last saved content in the assessment.
    • The Duration column indicates how much time elapsed between when the student began taking the assessment and when it was actually submitted; it might NOT be an accurate indicator of how much time the student actually spent working on the assessment, especially in the case of an automatic submission.
  • This feature allows the instructor to view a list of all assessment submissions for a specific student, including submissions that are no longer available via the Total Scores screen as because the instructor has allowed the student to retake (via "Allow Retake") the assessment.

  • Manual Site Tools
  • Manual Site Tools
  • Below are screen shots with examples of the email notifications you'll receive if you've selected to receive email for submissions from Tests & Quizzes.  There are several types of notifications, corresponding to the different ways in which an assessment can be submitted:

    1. Manual submission: A student clicks the Submit for Grading button on the Assessment Submission Warning screen to confirm submitting an assessment.
    2. Timer submission: The timer expires on a timed assessment and automatically submits the assessment for the student.
    3. Automatic submission: An instructor has configured an assessment to Autosubmit saved student work after latest acceptance date, unless student has previously submitted.  A student saves content in the assessment and exits it before the latest acceptance date, so the assessment remains In Progress.  The saved assessment is automatically submitted at the latest acceptance date provided no other attempt has been submitted.
  • Updated on: Nov 26, 2018

    How do I unjoin a group?

    Manual Site Tools
  • Updated on: Nov 26, 2018

    How do I unjoin a group?

    Manual For Students
  • Updated on: Oct 17, 2018

    What is a question pool?

    A question pool is a set of questions, identified by a name, which belongs to you (not the worksite).  You can share a question pool with others, and others can share theirs with you.

    Question pools are set up in advance of an assessment, for convenience.  When you are ready to give your students an assessment (a test or quiz), you can pull questions from your pools and also from pools that have been shared with you.  

    Question pools serve as the basis for random-draw questions.  To give each student a different question on the same subject, set up a question pool with several equivalent questions on that subject, and then add a part to your assessment which draws from that pool.

    Question pools can be subdivided into subpools, and those subpools can be further subdivided, for organization that reflects your teaching methods.

    Note: If you include images in the body of test questions using the Rich-Text Editor (inline, *not* as attachments), and store the questions in question pools, the links to images will *not* automatically update when you copy the images from one site to another.  Therefore, if you have images stored in a site of which your students are not a member, the images must be made Public for them to see the pictures in the questions drawn from those pools.