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  • Updated on: Oct 11, 2017

    What is the Profile tool?

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  • Updated on: Oct 06, 2017

    What is the Site Email tool?

    The Site Email tool allows instructors or site administrators to specify an alias email address which essentially serves as a listserv for the site. By default, email addressed to the site goes to the email addresses of all site participants. All email messages sent to your site's email address are stored in the Site Email tool's archive.

    Users can set Preferences in My Workspace to choose how often they want to receive messages that are sent to the email addresses for all sites of which they are a member.  Options include receiving each email individually, receiving messages in digest mode, with all posts for the day sent in a single email message, or not receiving any emails at all.  If they choose to receive no emails, they will be able to view messages within the Site Email tool, if the tool is visible to them in the site.

    Note: You cannot use Site Email to send mail to particular individuals. To send messages to individual participants or a group, use either the Announcements tool or the Messages tool.

    Note: For instructions on how to add this or any other tool to your site, see How do I add tools to my site?

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  • Updated on: Oct 06, 2017

    What is the Polls tool?

    The Polls tool allows instructors to post and gather anonymous data in response to poll questions. Poll questions use the multiple choice format; each poll contains one question. Respondents may select one or more responses, depending on the configuration of the question.  

    Poll results may be released to respondents immediately, after voting, after a particular date, or they may be restricted to instructors or administrators alone.

    There are no restrictions on the number of polls in a site. By default, polls must be created by instructors or administrators, but it is possible to modify the tool permissions to allow students or members to create polls as well.

    Respondents may participate only once per poll; all responses are anonymous.

    Note: For instructions on how to add this or any other tool to your site, see How do I add tools to my site?

  • Updated on: Aug 02, 2017

    How do I modify the Site Email options?

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  • Updated on: Jul 18, 2017

    What is the Roster tool?

    The Roster tool displays a comprehensive list of site participants, including their names, user IDs, email addresses, and roles within the site.

    The roster may be viewed in a number of different formats:

    • Card View: This view displays the roster in a notecard-style format, with a card for each site participant.
    • Spreadsheet View: This view displays the roster in a spreadsheet-style format, with a line for each site participant. By default, participant photos are included in the view, but they may be hidden to generate a condensed list similar to that found in previous versions of the Roster tool.
    • Photo Grid View: This view displays the roster as a grid of individual entries containing enlarged photos of the site participants, to aid instructors in visually identifying their students.

    The roster is searchable by name or user ID; if the site contains multiple course rosters or groups, it can be sorted to display the members of a particular roster or group.

    If the site contains course rosters, instructors, secondary instructors, or teaching assistants associated with the rosters in the Student Information System (SIS) will be able to view the official photos of their roster members.

    Note: Due to privacy restrictions, information contained in the Roster tool is restricted to site participants in the Instructor, Secondary Instructor, Teaching Assistant, Owner, or Administrator roles. (Access to official photos is further restricted to participants listed in SIS as instructors, secondary instructors, or teaching assistants for rosters containing those photos.)

    Participants in the Student, Member, or Observer roles have no access to any of this information. By default, the tool is hidden in sites created using the site templates, meaning that students will not see the tool in the tool menu. Even if the tool is unhidden, students, members, or observers will see a blank page after clicking on the link.

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  • Updated on: May 24, 2017

    What is the Anonymous Feedback tool?

    The Anonymous Feedback tool allows students to post feedback anonymously for view only by their instructors.

    The tool is useful for instructors who wish to encourage students to give feedback without identifying themselves. It can encourage comments from students who might otherwise feel reticent about speaking up in class or approaching the instructor in person.

    Note: For instructions on how to add this or any other tool to your site, see How do I add a tool to my site?

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  • Manual Site Tools