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How do I complete a peer assessment assignment?

Go to Assignments.

Go to Assignments.

Select the Assignments tool from the Tool Menu in the site.

Submit your assignment.

If your assignment has a peer review component, the Peer Assessment information for the assignment will appear immediately beneath the assignment title in the list. However, you must submit your own assignment before you can complete your peer review(s) for other students.

Click on the assignment title to submit your work. Refer to How do I submit an assignment? for more information on submitting assignments.

Select a student submission to review.

Once you have submitted your own assignment, links to other students' assignments will display under Peer Assessment below that assignment's title.

Peer reviews are anonymous.  Click on a student in the list to select that submission for review. You will not see the other students' names, only Student 1, Student 2, etc.

Note: The Open date for peer assessment begins after the due date for the assignment. The Due date next to the Peer Assessment information is the deadline for completing your peer assessment.

Review your peer's submission.

  1. You will see the Instructions for the Reviewers provided by the instructor.
  2. The student Assignment Submission will display. Depending on the assignment settings, you may see your peer's submission in-line and/or as a file attachment.
  3. Enter your grade for the peer review.
  4. Enter your feedback into the Reviewer Comments area using the Rich-Text Editor.
  5. Click Submit to submit your peer review.

Note - Once your peer assessment has been submitted, you will not be able to make any changes.  Please be sure that all information in your review is as you would like prior to clicking the Submit button.

View submitted peer assessments.

Once you have submitted your review, the status for that student submission will change to Submitted and a green check mark icon will appear next to the student in the list.

If required, repeat the steps above to submit additional reviews.

If your instructor has specified more than one review per student, repeat the process above to submit another peer assessment.