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How do I upload or download files using WebDAV?

You can upload and/or download resources using the WebDAV protocol.  Once you have set up WebDAV for a particular site's Resources or File Drop, your computer will treat the Resources or File Drop folder like any other folder on your local system. You will be able to drag and drop files and folders from Resources or File Drop just as you would in My Computer in Windows, or the Finder on a Mac.

You can set up WebDAV connections using your computer's native WebDAV support or download the Cyberduck WebDAV client to use.

Depending on your computer configuration, you may find one method performs better than another.

Note: You may also upload multiple files using the drag-and-drop feature in Resources and File Drop.

Due to an issue with the Mac Finder tool, users currently cannot upload files into their sites using the Finder. If you use a Mac and you need to upload files into your sites, you should download and install Cyberduck for Mac, then follow the instructions for connecting to your site.

Go to Resources or File Drop.

Select the Resources or File Drop tool from the tool menu of your site.

Select the Transfer Multiple Files tab.

In the tool to which to connect, select the Transfer Multiple Files tab to locate directions for setting up WebDAV.

Note: Each site's Resources and File Drop tool has a unique link to use for its WebDAV connection.  To set up connections to multiple sites' Resources or File Drop folders, follow the WebDAV instructions for each tool.

Follow the Set up your WebDAV connection instructions.

  1. On the WebDAV Instructions page, copy the URL shown to your clipboard.  During the setup process, you will paste this URL to establish the connection to your site's Resources or File Drop.
  2. When prompted for your password, copy the Access Token to paste into the Password field.
  3. Locate your computer's operating system in the list of systems shown, and select it to access step-by-step instructions for setting up WebDAV on your computer.

Note: For security, the Access Token expires after 7 days.  To continue using your WebDAV connection, return to the Transfer Multiple Files page and copy the new Access Token to log in.