How do I modify my privacy settings?

On your privacy page, you can control what parts of your profile other people can see. You can tailor this so that certain information is only available to you, to your connections, or to everyone.

To make profile information available to your instructors and classmates in your course sites (such as your profile image, which can appear when you post in tools such as the Forums tool), select Everyone as the privacy setting.

Video Guide

Step-by-Step Instructions

Accessing the Profile tool

To access the Profile tool, click Profile in your Home site.

Modifying the privacy settings

To begin modifying the privacy settings, click the Privacy tab in the menu bar near the top of the screen.

Modify and save the privacy settings

The system will display a list of privacy settings.  To modify the privacy settings, click the dropdown menus to the right of the items in the settings list. Profile information may be restricted to the users themselves (Only me), or it may be shared with user connections (Only my connections) or with everyone (Everyone).

After making the desired modifications, click the Save settings button to save the changes.