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How do I add an image in an assessment question?

You can add an image to an assessment question in either of the following ways:

  1. Attach the image to the question text.
  2. Embed the image in the question or answer text using the Rich-Text Editor.

This article summarizes the steps needed to add images, with links to articles providing more detailed steps.

Note: Descriptive text alternatives should be added to images used in assessments, especially if students need to be able to interpret the images to answer the questions. For more information about adding text alternatives, see How can I make images more accessible?

Attach an image to a question.

While creating or editing assessment questions, you can add attachments.  For more information about adding attachments to assessment questions, see How do I add a new question (with the assessment builder)?

Tip: Use a .jpg, .png, or .gif image.

If your image is saved in .jpg, .png, or .gif format, it will display for students on the page while they are taking the assessment.

Embed an image in the question or answer text.

Go to the Resources tool and add a folder with the setting Hide this folder but allow access to its contents. For steps to add this setting to a folder, see How do I hide Resources files and folders?

Upload the image(s) to the hidden folder.

Upload the image to the hidden folder, making sure that the image itself is visible.  For steps to upload files, see How do I upload files to Resources or File Drop?

Embed the image in the question or answer text.

While authoring or editing a question, use the Rich-Text Editor to embed the image in your question or answer text, and include appropriate alternative text for the image.  For steps to create assessment questions, embed images using the editor, and make images accessible, see: