How do I transfer ownership of a site?

UVACollab sites must have at least one designated UVA participant as the Owner (for collaboration sites) or the Instructor (for course sites).  If you are no longer responsible for the ownership of a site, then you can designate another participant in the site as an Owner/Instructor and change the Site Contact information.    

Transfer ownership to another participant.

Go to Site Settings.

Select Site Settings from the Tool Menu in your site.

Change Participant Role.

Scroll down on the page, below your site's information, to find the Participant List.

  1. For each participant whose role you want to change, select Owner (in a collaboration site) or Instructor (in a course site) from the drop-down menu under the Role column.  In this example, the Owner role is selected.  
  2. Select Update Participants to save your changes.

Change Site Contact information.

Go to Edit Site Information.

From Site Settings, select the Edit Site Information tab.

Modify Site Contact.

  1. Enter the new Site Contact's name in the Site Contact Name field.
  2. Enter the email address for the new Site Contact in the Site Contact Email field.
  3. Click Continue.

Confirm changes.

Click Finish to confirm changes.