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How do I move a thread to a different topic?

This option allows for a thread or conversation to be moved to a different topic.

Access the Forums.

Select the Forums tool from the Tool Menu.

Choose the topic with the thread(s) to move.

Click on the title of a topic to access the topic.

Note: Topics are indented underneath the forum where they are located.

Select the thread(s) to be moved.

Check the box(es) next to the conversation(s) to move.

Above the list of conversations, select Move Thread(s).

Select where to place the thread(s).

After selecting the Move Threads button, a pop-up window will open with options pertaining to where you will move the selected thread(s).  In the Move Threads window:

  1. You may optionally select the check box to Leave a reminder about the move in the old topic.  This will create a link in the old topic that takes you to a thread's new location.  It is not selected by default.
  2. If desired, you can filter topics by entering a topic's name in the By Name box or selecting a forum from the In Forum drop-down menu to find topics specific to that forum.
  3. Select the radio button corresponding to the topic where you would like to move the conversation.

Confirm moving the thread(s).

At the bottom of the Move Thread(s) window, select Move Thread(s) to Selected Topic to continue.

The Move Thread(s) window will close and you will be taken to the conversation's new topic.