How do I view meetings in Sign-up?

Go to Sign-up.

Select the Sign-Up tool from the Tool Menu of your site.

View Meetings page.

On entry, the Sign-up tool displays the list of meetings, if any, already created in the site.

  1. By default, All Future Meetings will be displayed. You can display other meetings by selecting options in the View drop-down menu.  For example, to include all past meetings, choose All in the View menu.
  2. If meeting organizers have created optional categories for meetings, you can select a category title from the By category menu to filter your view and only include meetings in a specific category.
  3. To display all sessions of all recurring meetings, select the check box Expand recurring meetings.
  4. The site’s meetings are listed in a table that includes the Meeting Title, Organizer, Location, Category, Date, Time, Status (Available, Closed, or Sign-up Not Required), and a check box to Remove a meeting.  Meetings can be sorted by selecting one of the table headings (e.g., Date).
  5. If a recurring meeting is available and you have not selected to expand all recurring meetings, you can view additional meeting sessions by selecting the plus sign (+) icon (Expand recurring Meetings) next to the Meeting Title.
  6. If a specific recurring meeting's sessions have been expanded, the plus sign (+) icon (Expand recurring Meetings) next to the title of the first session in the list will change into a minus sign (-) (Collapse recurring Meetings).  You can select the minus sign (-) icon (Collapse recurring Meetings) to hide the additional meeting sessions.

Select a Meeting Title to access the Meeting Details.

View Meeting Details and add participants.

The Meeting Details page displays the settings and time slots for a particular meeting.

Modify, copy, export, or print a meeting or download an iCalendar file.


In the first half of the Meeting Details page, you can select any of the following options:

  1. Modify to edit the meeting; for more information, see How do I edit a meeting?
  2. Copy to create a duplicate meeting; for more information, see How do I copy a meeting?
  3. Export as Excel to export an Excel spreadsheet with meeting details; for more information, see How do I export meeting data?
  4. Or Print to print the Meeting Details page.
  5. Additionally, you can obtain an iCalendar file of the meeting that you can add to an external calendar such as an Outlook or Google calendar.  To the right of iCalendar link, select Download and save the calendar file to your computer.
  6. To the right of Available To, you can select Show site(s)/group(s) details if you want to confirm in which UVACollab site(s) and/or groups participants can sign up for the event.

View time slots and participants.

The second half of the Meeting Details page includes an Email Notification option to make participants aware of changes if you modify the meeting, and a table listing time slots and participants.

For each time slot in the table, the following information is available:

  1. Time Slot - The Start and End Time for the slot.
  2. Max # of Participants - The maximum number of participants allowed to sign up for the slot.  Instructors and site administrators can manually override this number by adding more participants in a slot.  For steps to do this, see How do I manually add participants to meetings?
  3. Participants and Wait List - A list of the individuals who are signed up for a time slot or its wait list, and options to add, remove or edit the participants.

For information about modifying time slots or participants, see Edit a meeting: Lock or cancel sign-up and add or remove participants.