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How do I view calendar item details?

Go to Calendar.

Go to Schedule.

Select the Calendar tool from the Tool Menu in your site.

Select the item you want to view.

Click on the item you want to view.

Tip: If you have concurrently scheduled events, it may be difficult to view their titles. To see more details for a particular day, from the "View" drop-down list, change your calendar's view to Calendar by Day or List of Events.

View item details.

View item details.

The item details, including the following, will display:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Description
  • Attachments (if any were added at the time when the event was last updated)
  • Frequency
  • Event Type
  • Owner - the person who created the event
  • Site - the site on which the event was originally added to your Calendar (This detail is useful when viewing an event in the Home Calendar because clicking links in the item details will send you to the site where the event originated.)
  • Event Location