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How do I reorder files or folders within Resources?

You can reorganize files or folders by clicking Actions, then Reorder, next to the folder containing the items you want to reorder.

Go to Resources.

Select the Resources tool from the Tool Menu of your site.

Select Actions, then Reorder.

  1. To the right of the Resources file or folder that contains the items to reorder, select the Actions menu.  In many cases, the folder where you will want to reorder items is the main Resources folder.  This folder is identified by your site title and the word Resources.  For example, to reorder files in a site titled Family in OF Saints Lives, you would select the Actions menu to the right of the folder named Family in OF Saints Lives Resources.
  2. Select Reorder.

Note: On mobile devices or small screens, the Actions menu displays as a down arrow icon.

Drag and drop items to reorder, then Save.

  1. On the Reordering page, click on a file or folder to move and drag it to a new position in the list.
  2. At the bottom of the page, click Save.

View reordered items.

Within the folder where you selected to reorder items, files and folders will be displayed in the new order.