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How do I copy content from one page in Lessons to another?

Instructors will copy content from other pages in Lessons onto a new page.

Create a new page or subpage.

If you don't already have another page in Lessons to copy content into, follow the steps to create a page or to create a subpage.

Select Reorder.

At the top of the new page, select the Reorder button.

Select Add items from another page.

Select the page you would like to copy content from.

Note: If you copy the content of a parent page that includes subpages, each resulting subpage becomes a Shared page. Editing a Shared page updates the content in both the copied and original subpages.

In order to copy subpage content and be able to edit each copy individually, create new subpages and then copy each subpage's content to the new page.

You can delete one copy of a shared page without losing the other.

Select Use selected item.

Reorder the items.

Drag and drop items to reorder them, then select Save to save the changes. Copied items appear with an asterisk (*) next to the page item number.

You can also move items using keyboard commands. Select the item you want to move, and then use CTRL + the direction keys (arrow keys or i-j-k-m) to move it.