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How do I display the course grade to students in Gradebook?

The option to display course grade information to students is only available in the Gradebook tool.  By default, this option is disabled.  When enabled, the calculated course grade display to students includes a letter grade (A, B-, C+, etc), the current total grade percentage (e.g., 89%), and/or total points earned (e.g., 89/100).    

It is important that grades are kept up to date in order for students to see an accurate calculation of their overall course grade.    

Course Grade Checklist

For the overall course grade to be calculated correctly, the following steps will need to be taken. For more details, see How are grades calculated in a points Gradebook? or How are grades calculated in a percentage Gradebook?

  1. Categories and weighting must be enabled to group and weight items, e.g., all assignments together are worth 20% of the overall course grade. See How do I set up my Gradebook?
  2. If some categories should drop grades, e.g., the lowest quiz grade is dropped, the appropriate drop or keep settings must be enabled. See How does Gradebook calculate automatically dropped grades?
  3. All gradebook items must be visible to students and included in the course grade calculation. See How do I edit or delete a gradebook item?
  4. If you are using either Categories and weighting or Categories only, gradebook items must not be in the Unassigned section. Add each item to the appropriate category to include it in the course grade calculation. See How do I edit or delete a gradebook item?
  5. All gradebook items that should be included in the course grade calculation must have grades entered, with 0 entered for incomplete items for which the student should receive a 0 (see also #5 below). Ungraded items are not included in a student's course grade. For steps to enter grades, see How do I enter and/or edit grades in Gradebook?
  6. Grades that need to be excluded from the grade calculation for a particular student must be left blank or excluded by following the steps in How do I exclude a grade for a particular student in Gradebook?

Select Gradebook from the Tool Menu in your site.

Select the Gradebook tool from the Tool Menu of your site.

Select the Settings tab.

Expand Grade Release Rules.

Click Grade Release Rules to expand the section.

Select Display final course grade to students.

Select the checkbox to Display final course grade to students.

Choose course grade format.

Choose Percentage, Points or both.

A course letter grade will display along with either the percentage the student has earned, the points earned out of the possible total or both.  Select which option(s) you would like to use.   Preview shows an example of how your selection will appear to students.  

Note: Points will not be available if your Gradebook is configured with Categories and Weighting.

Tip: To see how the final grade information will be displayed to students, see the Help article,  How do I view an individual student's grades?