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How do I import final letter grades into Gradebook?

A spreadsheet can be used to import final letter grades into Gradebook.  

The spreadsheet file must be in a specific format to import correctly. You can use a spreadsheet file exported from Gradebook as a template to include the appropriate columns where you can enter the final grades.

Go to Gradebook.

Select the Gradebook tool from the Tool Menu of your site.

Select the Import/Export tab.

Select Custom Export.

Select the Custom Export link to include final grade options in the spreadsheet.  

Select Course Grade Override(s) and Download.

In the Custom Export window that pops up:

  1. Select the Course Grade Override(s) check box.
  2. Select Download Custom Export.

Tip: Depending on how your students are registered for your course in SIS, you may need to enter grades for different students in different columns in the spreadsheet. For example, if there are undergraduate and graduate students in the same site, the undergraduates' grades will need to be entered in a different column in the spreadsheet than the graduate students' grades.  Select the Grading Schema(s) check box to include a column in the spreadsheet that indicates where each student's grade will need to be entered.

Save the file.

The prompts and steps for downloading the file will depend on your internet browser.  Save the file to your computer.

Open the file in your preferred spreadsheet application.

The spreadsheet contains the student information (first two columns) and a Grade Override(s) column for each grading schema used for class roster(s) added to the site (see the note below for more information on grading schemas).  If you also checked the Grading Schema(s) check box when downloading the spreadsheet, a column listing the appropriate Grading Schemas for each of the students will be included.

Each Grade Override(s) column is identified with a caret (^) followed by a space and the corresponding grading schema.  For example, in a course site that includes both undergraduate and graduate students, the spreadsheet will include two Grade Override(s) columns:

  1. ^ GRA-GRD - Graduate students
  2. ^ UG-GRD - Undergraduate students

Note: Grading schemas are the scales on which final grades are based.  The most common grading schema is UG-GRD (undergraduate graded), which uses a letter grade scale of A-F.

The grading schema used for a student is defined by:

  • The degree the student is pursuing, e.g., undergraduate (UG) or graduate (GRA),
  • The SIS Grading Basis for the roster in which they enrolled, e.g., graded (GRD), audit (AUD), or credit/no credit (CNC).

Enter grades and save the spreadsheet.

Enter the letter grade for each student in the appropriate Grade Override(s) column.

In the example pictured above, Students Four and Five are graduate students, so their grades are entered in the ^ GRA-GRD column. Students One, Two, and Three are undergraduates, so their grades are entered under ^ UG-GRD.

Save any changes made to the spreadsheet, keeping the spreadsheet as a CSV file.

Import the spreadsheet.

On the Import/Export page:

  1. Select the Choose File button to browse for and select your import file.
  2. After locating and selecting your import file, select Continue.

Select the items to be imported.

You will be taken to the Course Grade Import Selection page, where you can choose which grade(s) to import.

  1. By default, Select all viable grades to import is selected.
  2. To import specific grades only, remove the check mark(s) from any check box(es) for grade(s) you do not want to import.
  3. Select Next to continue with the import.

Select Finish.

A confirmation page will display a summary of the grades to import.  Select Finish to confirm.

(If you notice any errors, select Back to return to the Course Grade Import Selection page.)

View imported grades.

  1. You will be returned to the Grades page with a confirmation message indicating your spreadsheet has been imported successfully.
  2. The newly uploaded grades will appear in the Course Grade column.