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How do I access video analytics in Media Gallery?

Video analytics provide information about viewer engagement. If you are the owner of a video in Media Gallery or you have permission to edit it, you may access its analytics.

Tip: You may give a co-instructor or teaching assistant permission to view analytics for a video you own by following the steps to add them to the video as a Co-Editor.

Select Media Gallery from the tool menu in your site.

Select the video.

Select Actions, then Analytics.

  1. Scroll down on the page under the media player.
  2. Select the Actions menu.
  3. Select Analytics.

Select a date range. (Optional)

By default, analytics from the Last 30 Days display.  To change the range of dates from which to view analytics:

  1. Select the Date Filter menu. This menu will be named with the currently displayed dates, e.g., Last 30 Days Jan 25, 2021 - Feb 23, 2021.
  2. Select the desired viewing period, e.g., Since Creation for all viewing statistics.
  3. Select Apply.

Note: Analytics take 24 hours to update. You may need to wait a day for recent views to display.

View analytics.

The Video Analytics page includes details such as how many times the video was played and which portions of the video were viewed the most.

The Engagement Per User section of the page, where you can find a list of viewers, is often of interest to instructors. To access this list:

  1. Under the video player, select the View Engagement Per User link.
  2. The link text will change to Hide Engagement Per User and the names of the viewers will be displayed.

You can find detailed information about the other available graphs and viewing statistics in the Kaltura help article Entry Level Analytics (opens new window).

Note: Ad blockers or similar content blocking browser extensions may prevent a viewer's analytics from being captured.