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What are the My Media and Media Gallery tools?

My Media and Media Gallery, powered by Kaltura, are tools where you can upload and manage media, including videos, audio files, and images, for use in your sites.

My Media in your Home site is your personal storage area for videos, audio files, and images. Files in My Media may be private, or they may be published to the Media Gallery in one or more of your UVACollab sites.

Anyone can upload media directly to My Media in their Home site. A participant in a course or collaboration site can also upload a video, audio file, or image to Media Gallery, which publishes the file in the gallery at the same time as uploading it to their Home site.

Note: For instructions to add this or any other tool to your site, see How do I add a tool to my site?

My Media and Media Gallery Features

You can:

  • Upload media.
  • Edit media.
  • Publish media to your UVACollab site(s).
  • Record video and audio using the Personal Capture software, for upload to your media repository.
  • Add co-editors and/or co-publishers (collaborators) to your media.
  • Encourage viewer engagement with features such as comments and in-video quizzing.

For a complete list of features, see the Kaltura Features List.

Policies for Managing Media

UVA Policies for Recorded Class Sessions and Materials

Retention Policy

Kaltura files are managed at a hosted site. Video and audio files that have not been played or edited in four (4) years will be deleted. If you want to archive your files for a longer period of time, you may download the files to your computer/device and store them in OneDrive or UVA Box.

For steps to download files and use these alternative file storage systems, see:

  1. To access your personal My Media space, visit your Home site. When you first log into UVACollab, you are placed in your Home site automatically.  If you are viewing another UVACollab site, select the Home tab in the favorites bar at the top of the screen, or in your My Sites list, to access it.
  2. To access the Media Gallery for a particular course or collaboration site, select the site's title in the favorites bar at the top of the screen, or under My Sites.

Then, go to My Media or Media Gallery.

  1. From your Home site: Select My Media from the Tool Menu in your Home site.
  2. From your course or collaboration site: Select Media Gallery from the Tool Menu of the site.