How do I restore a site I deleted?

If you recently deleted a site you created, you can restore the deleted site.

Video Guide

Step-by-Step Instructions

Go to Worksite Setup in your Home site.

Select the Worksite Setup tool from the Tool Menu in your Home site.

View softly deleted sites.

From the View menu, select Softly Deleted Sites.

Select and restore the site.

  1. Check the box(es) for the site(s) to restore.
  2. Select the Restore button.

Note: To preview a deleted site before restoring it, select the site's Title.

View all sites.

From the View menu, select All My Sites.

Access the restored site.

You can locate and access your restored site in the list of all your sites.  Anyone else who could access the site before it was deleted will also be able to access it.