How do I navigate in a site?

When you first log into UVACollab, you are taken to your Home site automatically.  Your Home site is your individual workspace.  You may access other UVACollab sites by selecting the My Sites menu at the top of the UVACollab screen, then selecting the title of the site.  This article describes the navigation within a site once it is accessed.

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IMPORTANT: It is strongly recommended that you use the site navigation, and NOT the back and forward buttons in your web browser, to navigate within a site.

The Tool Menu

The Tool Menu is a customizable list of links for each available tool (e.g., Announcements, Forums, etc.).

The position of the Tool Menu varies depending on the size of your internet browser window.  Pictured above is the Tool Menu of a Home site, in both desktop view (browser window larger than 770 pixels) and mobile view (smaller window).  In desktop view, the menu displays to the left of the screen. On a small screen or mobile device, the Tool Menu can be accessed by selecting a Tools link near the top of the screen.  If you are using a keyboard, you can also jump to the Tool Menu with an Access key: [L].

The number of links in the Tool Menu will vary depending on which tools were chosen for a site.  The same tool may also have a different link in different sites, as the language used in a site and individual tool titles can be customized.

Select the tool's name to go to the corresponding tool.

Note: The exact keyboard commands to trigger an Access key depend on your computer operating system and internet browser.  Commonly used browsers tend to use the following commands:

  • Most Windows browsers: Shift + Alt + [the Access key]
  • Most Mac browsers: Ctrl + Option + [the Access key]

The information on Access keys in this note provided by  You can learn more about Access keys on their website, Keyboard Accessibility © WebAIM.

The site's Overview page

Selecting Overview on the Tool Menu takes you to the overview page for the site you are in. Depending on how the site is set up and which tools are included in it, the overview page may contain information about the site, recent announcements, a calendar, and/or links to recent messages.

When you are using a tool, the title of the tool appears at the top of the screen after the Tool Menu.  This is also a Refresh Tool link that returns you to the main page of the tool when clicked.

Pictured above is an example of an Assignments (Refresh Tool) link.

Online help

You can get help by selecting the Help link at the bottom of the Tool Menu. You can also jump to the help article for a specific tool by selecting the Help icon in the upper right corner of each tool.