About UVACollab Help

You can navigate to any Help article by selecting the title of the article.

Searching Help and Filtering Results

You can search Help content as follows:

  1. Enter a search term or phrase in the search pane at the top.  For example, you can enter h2v to search for articles that have how to videos.
  2. Press Enter on your keyboard or select the Search button.
  3. Under the Filter Search header, you can select check boxes to filter your search results to a particular manual, for example Getting Started.

Tool Help

While using UVACollab, you can jump to the Help for the tool you are using by clicking on the Help icon that follows the tool's title at the top of the page.

Contact Support

If you cannot locate the information you are looking for, email your question to collab-support@virginia.edu.  It would also help if you could include the search terms you used so we can improve the Help and search!