What is the Home Tool Menu?

The Home Tool Menu contains links to user information and preferences.

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Home Tool Menu

The Tool Menu includes links for:

  1. Account: View and/or edit your account details (Guest (non-UVA) accounts only).
  2. My Announcements: View announcements from all your UVACollab sites. 
  3. Membership: Access a list of all your sites, and join sites or unjoin sites.
  4. Preferences: View and edit your preferences for notifications, language, time zone, and site tabs.
  5. Profile: Set up your profile.
  6. My Resources: Upload files to your private file storage space.
  7. My Calendar: View Calendar events from all UVACollab sites of which you are a member, and/or add private entries to your Home site's calendar.
  8. Wiki: Use your private Wiki to save personal notes.
  9. Search: Search for content in all your sites.
  10. Worksite Setup: Manage your sites.
  11. My Media: Upload video and audio files that you can embed or add to the Media Gallery in your UVACollab sites.
  12. Site Builder: Create course or collaboration sites using a simple, intuitive process.
  13. Help: Access the UVACollab Help.