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How do I enter and/or edit grades in Gradebook?

Gradebook allows instructors to calculate and store grade information for items that are completed either online or offline.  Manually added items may be entered and edited directly within Gradebook.

Grades that are being sent to Gradebook from other tools, such as Assignments or Tests & Quizzes, are managed within their respective tools. You do not need to enter or edit them via Gradebook.  

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Step-by-Step Instructions

Go to Gradebook.

Select the Gradebook tool from the Tool Menu in your site.

Search or filter your list of students. (Optional)

Gradebook displays a list of all the students enrolled and active in your site. You may also filter the gradebook to view students by:

  1. Sections/Groups - Select the desired section/roster or group from the drop-down menu.
  2. Filter students - Type all or part of a student's name to filter the results.

Enter grades.

You will see a spreadsheet view of all the existing gradebook items in your site.

To enter a grade, click within the appropriate cell, or use the Tab key on your keyboard to select a cell, then the Enter key, to display the score entry field.

You may click out of the cell, use the Enter key, or use the up or down arrow keys to navigate to different cells. Gradebook supports spreadsheet-style data entry, similar to Excel or Google Sheets.

Note: Items with a tool icon next to the item's title in the column header indicate that the gradebook item is coming from another tool, e.g., Assignments. Gray padlock icons in the cells, highlighted in the image above, indicate that you must go to the specified tool to edit scores. You cannot edit those grades from the Gradebook, although you can view them there.

To enter or edit grades for items such as these, see:

Set score for empty cells.

To set a score for all empty cells for a specific gradebook item, select the down arrow icon within the column header row to open the menu for the item's column, then choose the Set Score for Empty Cells option.

Set the desired score.

  1. Enter the desired score in the Grade Override box.
  2. Select Done.

View grade log.

To view the grade log, select the down arrow icon to open the menu for the student in the assignment's cell, then choose the Grade Log option.

The grade log will display.

The grade log shows any changes to student score, including the date and time of the change, as well as the change in score and the name of the instructor who made the change.

Add/edit comments.

To enter comments along with the score, select  the down arrow icon to open the menu for the student in the assignment's cell, then choose the Add/Edit Comment option.

Enter your comment and select Save Comment.

View comment icon.

The Comments icon will display within the cell, indicating that there is an instructor comment associated with the score. Select the Comments icon to view the comment.