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How do I remove a Gradebook item from Gradebook Classic?

Gradebook items can be removed from Gradebook Classic different ways depending on how they were added.  This article will explain how to remove items that have been manually added.  

To remove items from Gradebook Classic that have been added by another tool, please see the articles below:

Video Guide

Step-by-Step Instructions

Go to Gradebook Classic.

Select the Gradebook Classic tool from the Tool Menu in your site.

Select the item you want to remove.

Click the title of the item you would like to remove.  In the example above, we will be removing Homework 4.

On the Gradebook Item Summary page, click the Remove Gradebook item from gradebook link.

Confirm removal of item.

To confirm the removal of the selected gradebook item:

  1. Click the empty box beside Remove this Gradebook item and all associated scores from the gradebook.
  2. Click the Remove button.

Note: Removing the gradebook item will also delete grades entered for the item.

Item removed from Gradebook Items

After the removal has been confirmed, you are returned to the Gradebook Items Summary page where the item is no longer displayed (Homework 4).