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How do I export final grades from Gradebook Classic to SIS?

One of the features available in Gradebook Classic is the ability to export a file with the final letter grade information and import that file into SIS.  This feature is available whether you have used Gradebook Classic throughout the semester OR have calculated the final grade in a spreadsheet that has been uploaded into the Gradebook Classic tool.   

Before exporting the final grade information, you want to be sure that the steps below are followed to ensure that your students’ work is properly recorded and that the course grade calculations are correct.

  1. Check that all desired Gradebook items have been included in the course grade - On the Gradebook Items page, grades that are not included in the course grade calculation will have parentheses around the class average and the word No in the Included in Course Grade column. To edit a Gradebook item, follow the steps for How do I edit a Gradebook item?
  2. Check that grades are entered correctly - The final course grade calculation does not include ungraded items.   Fields with a dash (either on the All Grades page or in the field where grades are entered on an item) are an indication that no grade was entered for that item. If the students missed an assignment or test, you must change that grade to a zero to have it count against their grade. However, if you allowed a student to skip an assignment or test, a missing grade is not a problem (and should not be changed).
  3. Be sure that all individual items are assigned to a category - If you have created categories in Gradebook Classic, items that have not been assigned to a category will not be included in course grade calculations.  Scroll to the bottom of the Gradebook Items Summary section and look for any items listed under Unassigned. Click on Edit next to that item to assign it to the proper category.
  4. Verify that the Course Grades Thresholds are set correctly for each grading basis  - Steps for modifying the Course Grade Thresholds are found in How do I modify Course Grade Thresholds?

When you are ready to export grades, follow the steps below.

Video Guide

Step-by-Step Instructions

Go to Gradebook Classic.

Select Course Grades.

The final letter grade calculation takes place when the Course Grades tab is selected.

Review the calculated final letter grade.    

The Course Grades column displays the final letter grade and percentage calculated for each student.     


(Optional) - Use Grade Override to modify the calculated final grade.  

The Grade Override drop-down menu can be used to change the calculated course grade.   This field is where an Incomplete can be given as shown in the screenshot above.  Be sure to click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page to save any changes made in Grade Override.

Confirm that all course letter grades are accurate.  

Review the final letter grade for accuracy.  The final letter grade displayed in either the Course Grade or Grade Override (if used) column is the grade exported for final grade posting in SIS.

Export grades.

Select the Export Final Grades to SIS button, found in the bottom left and upper right corner of the Course Grades page.

Go to SIS

Once the file has been created, a message will display indicating that any grade overrides have been saved.  Additionally, a pop-up window will appear showing that the file or files have been successfully exported.  Note - A file is created for each graded roster added to the site.  

Select the Go to SIS button to access the Student Information System where you will import and approve grades for posting.  Click Done to exit the window.  

Log into SIS to import and approve grades for posting.

Steps for importing the grade file and approving grades in SIS for posting can be found on the ITS page, Student Information System (SIS): Grading in the SIS under Option 2, Step #5.