How do I modify Course Grade Thresholds?

The Course Grade Thresholds are used as part of the final course grade calculation.  Instructors should verify that the grading scale matches their syllabus and/or the grade thresholds used by their school or department, and modify the grading scale for each Grading Basis.     

Video Guide

Step-by-Step Instructions

Go to Gradebook Classic.

Go to Gradebook Classic

Select the Gradebook Classic  tool from the Tool Menu in your site.

To view the Grading Basis students chose when registering for your class, go to the Course Grades page in Gradebook Classic.

Select the Course Grades tab.

Scroll through the list of students shown on the Course Grades page to determine which Grading Basis are being used in the class.  The majority of students will be enrolled as UG_GRD (undergraduate graded).

Click Change Course Grade Thresholds.

Change Course Grade Thresholds

Select a grading basis from the Grade Type drop-down menu.

Grade Type

If you need to change the Minimum Percentage for UG-GRD (default) Grade Type, then there is no need to change the grade type.   Skip to Modify the value in Minimum % field.

Click the drop-down arrow beside Grade Type to locate the basis you want to change.

Click Change grade type.

Change grade type

Click the Change grade type button.

Modify the value in Minimum % field.

Minimum Percentage

Enter a new value in the Minimum Percentage field and click the Save button to save the change.  In the example above, the Minimum % for an A+ is now 98% instead of 100%.