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How do I import an entire spreadsheet into Gradebook Classic?

Multiple gradebook items can be imported into Gradebook Classic from a spreadsheet.

Go to Gradebook Classic.

Select the Gradebook Classic tool from the Tool Menu of your site.

Click Import an entire Spreadsheet.  

Click Import an entire Spreadsheet.  

Use this option to create multiple gradebook items that have been added to a spreadsheet.  

Follow the steps outlined on Import Grades page.

  1. Download the spreadsheet template, in Excel or CSV format, by selecting either Download Spreadsheet Template for Excel or Download Spreadsheet Template as CSV.  
  2. Edit the spreadsheet to enter gradebook items.  
  3. After the spreadsheet has been edited, click Choose File and navigate to the location on your computer where the spreadsheet has been saved.  
  4. Click Import Spreadsheet after the file has been selected.    

Verify Grade Import.

The import data will be displayed for you to preview.  If everything looks correct, click OK. (If you notice any errors, click Back to abort the import process.)

View Confirmation message.

Confirmation message.

A confirmation message will appear on the Import Grades screen when your spreadsheet has been imported successfully.

Verify Gradebook Items are added.

Items from the spreadsheet are added to Gradebook Classic.

Note: If Categories are used, newly added items will need to be assigned to the appropriate category by clicking the Edit link.