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How do I import an entire spreadsheet into Gradebook Classic?

You can manage grades offline in a spreadsheet and import the spreadsheet to enter the grades in Gradebook Classic. You can also import a spreadsheet as a method for quickly creating several gradebook items at once.

The easiest way to obtain a file in the proper import format is to download the spreadsheet template from the Import Grades page. This way, it will contain all of the student information in your site, as well as any existing gradebook item information from Gradebook Classic.

Note: You can only import grades for items that have been created directly within Gradebook Classic. Grades for items that were added to Gradebook Classic from other tools, such as Assignments or Tests & Quizzes, cannot be updated via file import.

Go to Gradebook Classic.

Select the Gradebook Classic tool from the Tool Menu of your site.

Select the Import an entire Spreadsheet button.  

Download the spreadsheet template.

Download the spreadsheet template in your preferred format by selecting either Download Spreadsheet Template for Excel or Download Spreadsheet Template as CSV.

Open the file in your preferred spreadsheet application.

Open the downloaded file in a spreadsheet application, e.g., Microsoft Excel. The spreadsheet template includes:

  1. Student IDs (UVA computing IDs or non-UVA email addresses),
  2. Students' names,
  3. And a column for each item already added to Gradebook Classic, with the associated grades.

Add gradebook items and/or grades to the spreadsheet.  

To add new items and grades, follow the formatting conventions below:

  1. Student ID and Student Name are the first two columns and must be retained for import.
  2. New gradebook items are added by inserting columns into your file. Each column heading must include the item's title, followed by the item's total point value in square brackets. In the example pictured above, we are adding two items, Assignment 3, worth 20 points (in column G), and Quiz 3, worth 100 points (in column H), as follows:
    • Assignment 3 [20]
    • Quiz 3 [100]

Save any changes made to the spreadsheet.

Select the spreadsheet to import.

  1. On the Import Grades page, select Choose File.
  2. In the window that pops up, select Choose File to browse for and select the file from your computer.
  3. The name of the selected file will display under Items to attach.
  4. Select Continue.
  5. The name of the file to import will display in the Filename box.
  6. Select the Import Spreadsheet button.

Verify the grade import.

The import data will be displayed for you to preview.  If everything looks correct, select OK. (If you notice any errors, select Back to cancel the import.)

View confirmation message.

You will be returned to the Import Grades screen, where a message will indicate Your spreadsheet has imported successfully.

Verify gradebook items were added.

Select the Gradebook Items tab to go back to the main page of Gradebook Classic and access the edited and/or newly-added gradebook items.

Note: If the gradebook is set up with Categories and weighting or Categories only, newly added items will need to be edited to assign them to the appropriate category, as described in How do I edit a gradebook item?