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How do I export grades from the Gradebook Classic?

Grade information that has been entered into the Gradebook Classic tool of your site can be exported into different file formats (PDF, CSV or Excel).  By using one of the export options available on the All Grades page, you can produce a file which can be saved to your computer.  

Note - Another export option available in Gradebook Classic is the ability to export final letter grades directly to SIS (Student Information System)  For the steps on how this is done, see Export Final Grades from UVACollab and Import & Approve in SIS .  

Go to Gradebook Classic.

Go to Gradebook.

Select the Gradebook Classic tool from the Tool Menu of your site.

Click All Grades.

Click All Grades.

Select your export format.

All Grades allows you to view student grades in a spreadsheet-style format.  You have three file options for exporting the student grade data. Click on the button for your preferred exported format.

  1. Export as PDF: This will create a printer-friendly PDF document of Gradebook Classic.
  2. Export as CSV: This will create a comma separated variable (CSV) file that can be opened in any spreadsheet program, or text editor.
  3. Export for Excel: This will create a Microsoft Excel format file that will open in Excel for editing/printing.

The exported file will download to your local computer.