Introducing Site Builder!

Site Builder brings a thoroughly redesigned and significantly enhanced site creation experience to UVACollab. Featuring a streamlined process driven by the best practices in contemporary web design, and a groundbreaking Quick Guide that provides custom recommendations based on your course materials and requirements, you can create powerful, customized sites quickly and easily.

A user-friendly design that simplifies site creation.

Site Builder's modern interface guides you through each step of the site creation process with clear choices and helpful language. Four site creation options are available; you can select the option best suited for your needs.

  • Quick Guide (available for course sites only) - Answer questions about your course design, materials, and requirements and receive customized tool recommendations based on your responses.
  • From Scratch - Review the available tools and select the choices best suited for your needs to create a fully customized site.
  • From Template - Create a site based on a template—a suite of tools and content assembled to work together to enhance collaboration, teaching, and learning.
  • From Previous Site - Copy tools and content from another site you created.

A groundbreaking Quick Guide that delivers custom recommendations based on your needs.

Developed in consultation with experienced faculty and staff and the Center for Teaching Excellence (opens new window), the innovative Quick Guide option combines technology with pedagogy to provide custom recommendations based on your course materials and requirements. Answer four basic questions, then review your recommended toolset and create your site with the push of a button, or enter the App Store to add additional tools.

An educational App Store that connects you with powerful tools and templates.

In the From Scratch option, available tools are presented in an App Store format, with the ability to search, sort, and filter by category and popularity to identify the most helpful partners for your course or project. More Info windows display detailed descriptions and screenshots of each tool.

The App Store is also accessible at the conclusion of the Quick Guide, From Template, and From Previous Site options to allow you to make additional customizations.

Enhanced integrations with SIS and other external services and tools.

Thanks to significant enhancements to the integration between UVACollab and the Student Information System (SIS), roster selection is more intuitive and more powerful than ever before. Rosters are listed by their course names, and associated rosters are listed together. Select a single roster, or multiple associated rosters, and your site title will be automatically populated with the corresponding course name—improving usability for faculty and students.

New infrastructure incorporating the latest Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) 1.3 standards has been used to develop an integration with the current version of the Confluence collaboration platform (opens new window), and can support additional integrations with other exciting external tools and services going forward.

Updated tool names to better reflect their roles.

Previous name New name 
Chat Room Chat
Forums Discussions
News Newsfeed
NowComment Annotations
Panopto Lecture Capture
Post'Em Posted Feedback
Site Info Site Settings
Web Content Web Link

In conjunction with the other improvements associated with Site Builder, focus groups of faculty, staff, students, and usability professionals reviewed each tool and suggested more meaningful names for several tools to clarify features available in UVACollab. These new names can help you identify the choices best suited for your work.